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Heidelberg has noted that while the label market accounts for just five percent of the worldwide print volume of around 400 billion (US$455 billion), it has the biggest growth potential in the industry. This is driven by high demand for labels with unusual embellishments and just-in-time delivery, the company explained. Annual growth in self-adhesive labels is reported at over four percent, increasing to double digits for digital inkjet printing with Asia the fastest growing label market in the world with over 40 percent, followed by Europe with 25 percent and the US with almost 20 percent.A new report from Vandagraf has reiterated how growth in color inkjet digital printing for labels and packaging will accelerate through to 2023 and beyond as the relentless roll-out of new technologies to meet previously unmet needs continues.Such statistics have led Austrian company Insignis-Etiketten to establish a new business unit that has been offering new applications in digital printing since spring of this year with the Gallus Labelfire 340. Insignis has restructured and reorganized its operations through the establishment of two independent business units: Insignis-Etiketten and Insignis Digital, the latter installing the first Gallus Labelfire in Eastern Europe.


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