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A Rossville, Georgia native, who calls Chattanooga home, recently launched a pop-up store that she hopes will grow into a bigger business.
Sugar B’s Tea Bar is the brainchild of April Henshaw, who is offering handcrafted bubble tea through the new venture.
“I don’t have a business background, but my family has always owned their own business, so [entrepreneurism] has just kind of been in the family,” Henshaw, who is also a teacher at Siskin’s Children Institute, said.
Bubble tea, which originated in Taiwan, is traditionally a cold beverage made up of sweetened tea with milk or fruity flavorings.
It’s generally served over tapioca pearls or newer “popping pearls” with a large straw used to eat the pearls at the bottom of the drink, she said.
“The term bubble actually comes from the shaking of the drink which forms bubbles at the top,” Henshaw said. “As we grow we will eventually shake our teas as well.”
Henshaw launched the venture after trying bubble tea a couple of years ago. She’s long thought about opening her own homemade ice cream shop, and the business idea evolved into the pop-up tea stand.

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